My To-Do List

Today’s gonna be a busy day, if I manage to accomplish even half of the things I want to do I’ll be thrilled. The plan is to post this list and then come back and update it with the time I finished each project, but we’ll see how much blogging time I have left over to actually do that! Without further adieu…

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 To-Do list

scrub shower Done!  10:10 AM

finish laundry (finally!)

organize closet Done at noon…the next day lol

As much of dd’s schoolwork as is possible


sweep and mop bathroom and kitchen

clean out and detail my car

organize linen closet (and find some place for extra blankets while I’m at it!) Done! 10:10 AM

vacuum all floors

Make dd’s bed for overnight guests tonight Done at 9 PM

take out ALL trash – including what’s behind my bedroom door! Done, the next afternoon

PUT AWAY CLEAN CLOTHES – just. do. it. Yes, three baskets is a lot.  Suck it up.  Wimp. Done at 6 PM next day

clean and vacuum under couch cushions (and start doing this on a weekly basis!)

make potholders and hot pads

work on gray and yellow quilt  – just do it, get over the block already!

clean out both fridges

upload videos from Shea’s visit Done at 5:3o PM

Move firewire card from old pc to new one

Make lunch and dinner Done

Eat every two hours Fail, but this is an ongoing goal

take pills Done at 9:00 AM

let Sasquatch out and play with her Done at 9:45 AM

take the kids outside (maybe even the park?) Done

quit crying every time I pass a mirror (don’t ask.  Just know it involves my now orange hair) Done at 2 AM – redyed it! yay

cardio – at least an hour!  Quit slacking woman. Didn’t get a full hour but still had fun


You thought I was exaggerating about how big of a list it is, right?  Wrong!  So what are YOU doing today?  Hope it’s more fun than what I’m looking at!


Random post #879

I can’t remember what my carefully thought out goals for posting something several times a week even were, it’s been so long since I did it. Something about tagline generators and Wordless Wednesdays? (I’ll put clever links in when I feel like going back to that post and doing it, lol.)

I don’t think Sunday was one of my planned blogging days in any case. But just the same, here’s a wonderfully inspiring blog for you to go check out:

To Do Lists of all sorts .

Seriously, go check it out, it’s hilarious, thought-provoking, and makes my hands itch for a pen and a paper.

One of my ultimate dreams is to create a scrapbook/journal/sketch book and write in it, draw in it, paste in it, until it’s full. As a writer, this is something you’d assume I’d done zillions of times over in my life, but the truth is, never once have I filled up an entire book. I think it’s called art journaling…oh, and in my case, sincere lack of self-discipline and general sticktoitness. I was looking at some of the lists on that to-do list site and realized that lists can be considered a form of art. We spend a lot of time writing our thoughts down on those lists, scribbling details in the margins or adding bullet points on the computer, and what is art other than the way we interpret a moment in time? A moment in time is what a basic list breaks down into – what we need to be doing in that moment, or want to be doing, or planned on doing. It’s art in scattered word form without the need for proper punctuation or a flow of thoughts and words or even the need to make sense to anyone else who sees it. It’s lawless, rule-less, it’s freedom. That makes it art.

Since my picture-a-day challenge is going so well (99% successful thus far, pictures to be added soon!) I feel I might be up to the challenge of art journaling. Maybe I could even combine the two challenges every so often and take pictures of my art journal!

On another blogging note, my bookmarks folder is starting to bulge and overflow with favorite sites that are dying to be added here. Maybe I can do that on…let’s see…I Forgot What I’m Supposed to Do Friday?!