Okay, things are slow around this blog…

But I do have an excuse, I swear!

I got a huge emotional hang over after the wedding was done. I walked around this week in a bit of a black cloud. Even my sleeping schedule has been completely messed up, which is only adding to the depression, I’m sure…

I am working on my quilt today. I just went and got he rest of the backing material I needed.

We are shifting the house around as well, moving bedrooms and moving a roommate out as well. So things are a bit up in the air and I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog, so take that into consideration before you give up on me…lol.

More later (I hope) and a finished quilt soon.


R and A quilt…non-update, day 6…

I’ve reached the end of my patience. My house looks like a Tasmanian devil came in and whirled through every room. There’s no bread, eggs, cheese or anything normal, because I haven’t had two seconds to go to the store, and the only reason we have any clean clothes left to wear is because we’ve been throwing a load in the wash in the morning, switching it to the dryer in the evening, and throwing the clean clothes on the couch when we are tired of digging through the dryer to look for something to wear.

My OWN wedding wasn’t this hard on me!

It’s over tomorrow. In less than 24 hours I’ll be able to breathe easily again and get back to living my life, not this crazybusystressful one I’ve had the past week.

The quilt is the only thing I’m still excited about, lol. I’m too tired of wedding and white and cake and vows to care much about anything else!

I will be back soon, very soon, I am counting down the hours now!!!

Red and Aqua Quilt Update #2, Wedding Update #1

It’s been such a rewarding day! First, the quilt news…

I finished not one, but two whole blocks tonight. I even fixed my sewing machine all by myself when it decided to throw a tantrum. I’m so proud! If you were just going on the pictures alone, they don’t look so hot. I PROMISE I will take them outside tomorrow and take some shots that do them justice. I’ll also see about researching how to take better indoor pictures, because these really are terrible.

The other photos are a little better. They are slightly more important too.

My littlest sister is getting married (sniff* sniff*) this weekend at my dad’s. I’m the unpaid planner, decorator, photographer, wedding cake artist and also, hair stylist. Luckily she’s got fabulous hair and I have great taste, so everything should be fine. Tonight we did a practice run through on her hair. She fell in love with it and I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate the occasion. We were missing a whole bunch of things we need to get a real updo, such as a small curling iron and bobby pins, but the main thing we were doing was making sure we could make it work. And we can. Again, this is not the finished project, so judge nicely…or not at all, you could just enjoy! lol

Well I am tired so I’m just going to post the gallery and let you click through. Later gators.

PS – I hate how these pictures look, I will edit this post soon and make it look better, promise.