New Obsession

Yes, I’ve been gone again for a long time. By now I just can’t find the energy to tell you everything that’s going in my life that will explain my absences – just chalk it up to a recently discovered pregnancy (not mine!), a recent decision to move asap and life’s drama in general.  (Everything, even excuses, look better in rainbows.  Just sayin.’)

But I wanted to share my newest obsession! See, I do think of you guys, all the time.

My sister Katie found this for me and I love it so much I’m sharing here. It is AMAZING. You can define a color palette for your blog, quilt, redecorating or any other kind of project where you’re using color – just copy the URL of the web-hosted image, insert it in the generator and click Color-Palette-ify. So fun! It’s called the Color Palette Generator and it is a total blast. One of the best parts is that you can do this directly from Pinterest without opening the picture in its blog, very convienent!

This is an adorable quilt that I thought would be fun to use with the generator. Notice it picked up the brown of the chair the quilt is laying on – it will pick up all colors in the picture, not just the ones you notice first. Here’s what I got:


PS – to find the image URL, right click and select Copy Image Location, or in Windows 7, Copy Image URL.

PPS – I found that image up there somewhere on Pinterest. Have I talked about how amazing Pinterest is yet? If you don’t have one, get one! You can request an invite from the site or just drop me a line and let me know you need one, or leave an email address in the comments and I’ll get you an invitation out. It’s addicting, I’m warning you. but I don’t need a 12 step program yet! 🙂


New bloggy goodness!

I’ve spent the better part of this day locked in my sewing room. There are two reasons for this – one, my kid is sick and grouchy, so I’m trying to stay out of her way as much as I can; and two, I’m really trying to work harder at being a good blogger and crafter. To that end I took some pictures and edited them for use here on my blog.

If you like them, you can use them however you want. They are bigger if you click on them. So click on them and choose ‘save image as’, name the file whatever makes your little heart happy, and it’s all yours! It would be awesome if you’d take the time to drop me a line and tell me how much you adore my wonderful images (lol!) or at least give us a link to your blog so we can check it out. But, it would just be awesome…it’s not a rule or anything!

If there’s enough interest, I’ll look into making more goodies for your blogs, so if you have any special requests just leave me a comment. I love your guys’ emails, of course, but my blog looks a little lonely with no comments. 😦

Oh, and one more topic of discussion – this blog has gotten pretty messy with diary entries and whining posts and not enough pictures or good crafting content. But, I’ve had this up for almost five years, and there are a lot of posts to go back through and edit and reorganize. I’ve been really horrible about tagging things correctly, too, so it’s really hard to find anything, and gives me a headache just thinking about it, honestly. So, what I am thinking about doing is moving over to Blogger for my crafting posts. (Yeah, I tried that once before, a few years ago, but I wasn’t really focused enough to put in the effort needed and eventually gave up. Not gonna happen this time.) There are a lot of pluses to Blogger but the truth is I really am having a hard time being disloyal to WordPress after this many years here. So I’m still just in the ‘considering’ phase. The other option is to stay here at WordPress and just start a new blog for my crafting stuff. I’ll still post here either way, about my fitness and life and stuff, but…Idk. It’s just something to think about.

What about you? What are you thinking about today? Share with us…we want to know!

My To-Do List

Today’s gonna be a busy day, if I manage to accomplish even half of the things I want to do I’ll be thrilled. The plan is to post this list and then come back and update it with the time I finished each project, but we’ll see how much blogging time I have left over to actually do that! Without further adieu…

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 To-Do list

scrub shower Done!  10:10 AM

finish laundry (finally!)

organize closet Done at noon…the next day lol

As much of dd’s schoolwork as is possible


sweep and mop bathroom and kitchen

clean out and detail my car

organize linen closet (and find some place for extra blankets while I’m at it!) Done! 10:10 AM

vacuum all floors

Make dd’s bed for overnight guests tonight Done at 9 PM

take out ALL trash – including what’s behind my bedroom door! Done, the next afternoon

PUT AWAY CLEAN CLOTHES – just. do. it. Yes, three baskets is a lot.  Suck it up.  Wimp. Done at 6 PM next day

clean and vacuum under couch cushions (and start doing this on a weekly basis!)

make potholders and hot pads

work on gray and yellow quilt  – just do it, get over the block already!

clean out both fridges

upload videos from Shea’s visit Done at 5:3o PM

Move firewire card from old pc to new one

Make lunch and dinner Done

Eat every two hours Fail, but this is an ongoing goal

take pills Done at 9:00 AM

let Sasquatch out and play with her Done at 9:45 AM

take the kids outside (maybe even the park?) Done

quit crying every time I pass a mirror (don’t ask.  Just know it involves my now orange hair) Done at 2 AM – redyed it! yay

cardio – at least an hour!  Quit slacking woman. Didn’t get a full hour but still had fun


You thought I was exaggerating about how big of a list it is, right?  Wrong!  So what are YOU doing today?  Hope it’s more fun than what I’m looking at!

Do you ever have

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up wrong and the day just gets more and more wrong from there? I mean, down to where even the easiest things to do right – like take a shower or throw a load of laundry in or decide what to have for dinner – end up feeling like they will turn out as wrong as everything else has so far, so you get to the point where you don’t want to do anything at all!

I don’t mean the same kind of ‘don’t want to’ as when you’re depressed or just emotionally swamped. I’m not even talking about the kind of frozen in fear ‘don’t want to’ that high anxiety or panic attacks can cause. I just mean, really, truly lacking in motivation and yet so stuffed with frustration that everything just feels wrong.

Full of cactus spines,

dripping with dangerous venom,

poke you til you bleed,


Do you have those days?

Please say you do…because I am having one right now and don’t want to feel all alone over here in Wrongville.

So, you may be thinking, what could possibly have driven me to this amount of wrongness?


I’m pretty sure my dog’s dying.

I need to work out but am fighting a migraine and every single time I move my head splinters a little more. Not very fun.

I can’t sew or craft to save my life, which, considering how many years I’ve spent doing this stuff, it really does save my life and sanity. So it stinks to be so miserably cut off from it.

But the main thing that’s so wrong is that we have a huge thing to go to tonight with thousands of people and I really, really am dreading it. I know. They are just people, they’re all nice, it will be great once I’m there…I can hear it all, have heard it all, don’t really want to hear it again. I am allowing myself to be a little overwhelmed and I’m fine with it. I’m still going, I’m just dreading it a little.

So that’s my day right now.

How wrong is yours?

11 Quilts in 2011

This is my list of quilts I’m planning on making this year:

1) Memory quilts for the kids – Grace, Kylee, Amya, Chance, Travis and Ashley, Tina, Alan. Yes, that’s 7 quilts right there, and the last three need to be queen sized, if I can come up with enough fabric.

2) A mini art quilt of some kind. I’ve never made one and really want to.

3) Black, white and gray quilt for the living room

4) Yellow and gray king sized quilt for my new bed – here’s the color inspiration I’ll be working toward, but so far my yellows are a tad brighter and there’s a bit more black in my fabrics as well

5) Another rainbow quilt

6) Checkerboard quilt for the living room (with actual checkerboard playing pieces, of course!)

7) Finish the binding on Amya’s original quilt

Now, if you were paying attention and counting, you will see that that is actually 13 quilts instead of 11. And since it’s already February 14th I am already behind…but that’s okay, I can do it!!

So my last two posts have been dedicated to my crafting plans this year…what about you guys? Want to share your lists and encourage each other?

My crafting list for 2011 so far

#1 – 2011 Planner – started
#2 – King sized quilt – yellow and gray – about half done
#3 – Perpetual calendar with fused plastic bag pages
#4 – old school NES controller pillow
#5 – 8 memory quilts for the grandkids – Tina, Alan, Dena, Travis, Grace, Chance, Kylee and Amya
#6 – 3 rag dolls for the little girls – Kylee, Grace and Amya
#7 – 1 Superhero cape for Chancer (because he’s an eight year old boy who would not want a rag doll, lol)
#8 – quilted curtains for the living room window (it’s cold and drafty!) shelf with curtains for living room window (take pics, this is done!)
#9 – kitchen redo
#10 – quilted checkerboard for the coffee table
#11 – Recipe binder – started, barely
#12 – shopping bags of some kind – maybe crochet?
#13 – lots of pillows – three for my room and a bunch for the living room (inspiration on my Pinterest)
#14 – redecorate living room
#15 – wall art for living room
#16 – bedroom headboard
#17 – bedroom wall art
#18 – jewelry display box – DONE, need to take pics and post
#19 – fingerless gloves – DONE
#20 – Dawn’s curtains – DONE
#21 – hang crib side for craft room storage
#22 – Anthro inspired necklace
#23 – wire wrapped sea glass pendants – one done, more to go
#24 – altered puzzle for the CAL
#25 – laptop sleeve
#26 – cell phone holder for my arm
#27 – 8 (or 16) color journals (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white) orange is started, others are sewn but not color marked in any way yet
#28 -Quilted cell phone pouch
#29 – whole cloth quilt – started, almost done with the white threads and ready to move on to the yellows
#30 -fabric magnetic bookmarks
#31 – quilted book cover(s)
#32 – Owl fabric quilt or bag? Must make a decision!

What I’ve been up to today!

Today was a really busy day for our house even though it was technically my day off. We did lots of cleaning, took naps, played, cooked dinner and then did our Tuesday night bible study. I’m conducting this month and it was a little nerve racking but we had a great time and it was hard to quit when our hour was up!

It was nice to have everything done after the study was over – we’d already had dinner and everything was cleaned up for the day. So, I bit the bullet and made myself work out. The kidlet and I played Just Dance (she quit after the third song, the little sissy…lol) and then I did the Wii Fit, and finished up with a ton of push ups. It took over an hour to do everything but now I’m pleasantly sore so it was worth it.

And after all of that, I finally had some time to myself to sew without feeling like I was neglecting other things. I recently moved my sewing machine onto my computer desk so that it’s always out and ready and nearby, and it has made a world of difference in my productivity. I’ve finished seven 10″ wonky log cabin blocks as well as started piecing my scrappy binding. It’s awesome to see a pile of finished quilt blocks growing so fast! I just turn on my computer, find something to watch or listen to, and sew away. It works well because I’m still close enough to the rest of the family so they don’t feel like I”m deserting them to sew. But, I also don’t have to watch/listen to what they are watching/listening to, because I have headphones on so I can do my own thing. It’s the best of both worlds as far as relaxing before bed with my crafty stuff and not being all closed off from everyone else to do so. I wish I had a picture to show you guys, but it’s really late and dark in here so I don’t have anything great to show…sorry!

Anyway, I need to go to bed now, so I’m forcing myself to put away the computer and sewing machine and hit the hay. Pictures soon!

Lots of new things that I have made

So by now you are all aware that I am, at best, a slacker blogger, right? That’s why I know you’ll forgive me for not posting regularly, and sometimes not at all. That’s also why I know you’ll be forgiving of the fact that I’m about to show you a bunch of pictures of things I have made recently, without including a lot of information about the things I have made recently! I’m trying to get to bed early tonight (read: before 2) so I want to make this as quick and easy as possible. If you are interested in more details about any particular project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know, I will be so excited to get a comment that I will probably go to great lengths to describe the thing you’re asking about!

Okay, enough. On with the show.

This is my ‘new’ lampshade, which I put fake flowers all over on a whim. I am not sold on this yet, but my friends have all tried to steal it or convince me to make one for them, so I guess it’s okay.


This is a thread and scissor organizer for my kitchen wall. It’s hanging above a cabinet I’m getting ready to refinish, and a small mirror that I use to fix my hair/makeup when we are crowded for space in the bathroom. I love this area of my kitchen because it’s all mine!


This is something I just made tonight, the main reason I had to sit down and upload pictures to the computer, so make sure you say thank you to it. (lol). It’s a free motion embroidery piece (which means I basically sketched it on fabric with my sewing machine, just my regular old sewing machine, not one of those fancy embroidery ones) and it’s a panel for a bag I’m planning. Although, I may just do a whole quilt of these, because it was actually really fun and I love the way it feels.


Now we are moving on to my Sketchbook Project 2011 pages. This first one, the monster, is a collaboration between my eight year old and I. The rest are sketches. Please ignore the glare from the flash! I have not taken the time to scan these yet, when I do I will change these pictures out so that they look better.





Some new art journal pages from my new, huge, altered art journal:





A charm square, quilted messenger bag for the kiddo. FYI, this was made exactly to her specs, NOT mine, so it’s not quite up to par with my standards. However, she loves it, so it’s a success.




My new wallet, also made from charm squares.








Two new books, one for a travel padfolio, the other a three ring binder in a customized size.





And lastly, just for fun, and because I am always hiding on this side of the computer…some summer pics of me! Be kind. You know you love me. 🙂


Art Journaling Week – Another link!

In the spirit of my Art Journaling week, I’m here to show you one of my secret addictions.  Don’t judge, just read. (lol, it’s not that bad, I promise.)
Craftster is the best crafting place online. Hands down. It’s got something for everyone there, from interior decorating projects and ideas to knitting to sewing to painting to a miscellaneous board for those little crafty projects that don’t really belong in one spot. I spend a LOT of time here when I am looking for new projects, tutorials, etc…oh, who am I kidding? I spend a lot of time here even when I’m not looking! But one of my favorite things about Craftster is that they have craftalongs. What’s that? It’s when a bunch of people all join in to work on the same type of project and post pictures and encouragement to help each other get and stay motivated to work on the project. I was recently brave (foolish? ambitions?) enough to join the best craftalong ever…

The Ongoing Altered Journal-a-long! Go check it out! I can’t post a picture here without stealing someone’s, which I won’t do, but seriously, go check out this link. You won’t be sorry. There are ideas, tutorials, amazing art work, and tons of fun just waiting to be discovered…so quit reading this and get over there.


Art Journaling Week!!

I’ve made a command decision that will change your life! Or at least mine! Or maybe just provide a little direction for my blogging plans for the next 7 days, whichever’s easiest…lol. ANYWAY…

Art is such an amazing concept and so much fun to learn to do. It’s especially great because you can do it anywhere – in a notebook, on a wall, on fabric, on wood, on trash….the possibility are endless. The only thing that limits you in your creative pursuits of art journaling is whether or not the object you want to journal on will hold still long enough for you to go to work on it!

This first post is going to be fairly short but I just want to share two links that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Just make sure you check back every day, because I have at least four more posts planned for this week (shocking, I know, but miracles can happen) and you don’t want to miss anything. Or at least I hope you don’t.

Caspiana is an amazing wealth of inspiration and knowledge. Drool over her amazing photograph skills, and oh yeah, the STUNNING artwork as well! The most important thing to do here though is to scroll down the page and click the picture under the words ‘Soul Journaling Prompts!”. Then check out the day by day journaling prompts and instructions she’s put together. It’s so amazing! I can’t wait to get started. In fact, I may have to do this Art Journaling Week a few times, just to make sure I get to do each of these prompts and take pictures and blog about it here.

Pringle Hill Studio is so luscious, so gorgeous, I literally want to crawl inside her pictures and live there. In fact, it’s so great that it sucks you in even on her header! If you are into art journaling or altered art of any kind, you will be thrilled and inspired by this site. Go. Look. Stay awhile, you won’t be able to help it!

And there you go – there’s your introduction to Art Journaling Week here at Messymama’s blog. Can’t wait to show you the rest of what I have planned for this week!