Lots of new things that I have made

So by now you are all aware that I am, at best, a slacker blogger, right? That’s why I know you’ll forgive me for not posting regularly, and sometimes not at all. That’s also why I know you’ll be forgiving of the fact that I’m about to show you a bunch of pictures of things I have made recently, without including a lot of information about the things I have made recently! I’m trying to get to bed early tonight (read: before 2) so I want to make this as quick and easy as possible. If you are interested in more details about any particular project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know, I will be so excited to get a comment that I will probably go to great lengths to describe the thing you’re asking about!

Okay, enough. On with the show.

This is my ‘new’ lampshade, which I put fake flowers all over on a whim. I am not sold on this yet, but my friends have all tried to steal it or convince me to make one for them, so I guess it’s okay.


This is a thread and scissor organizer for my kitchen wall. It’s hanging above a cabinet I’m getting ready to refinish, and a small mirror that I use to fix my hair/makeup when we are crowded for space in the bathroom. I love this area of my kitchen because it’s all mine!


This is something I just made tonight, the main reason I had to sit down and upload pictures to the computer, so make sure you say thank you to it. (lol). It’s a free motion embroidery piece (which means I basically sketched it on fabric with my sewing machine, just my regular old sewing machine, not one of those fancy embroidery ones) and it’s a panel for a bag I’m planning. Although, I may just do a whole quilt of these, because it was actually really fun and I love the way it feels.


Now we are moving on to my Sketchbook Project 2011 pages. This first one, the monster, is a collaboration between my eight year old and I. The rest are sketches. Please ignore the glare from the flash! I have not taken the time to scan these yet, when I do I will change these pictures out so that they look better.





Some new art journal pages from my new, huge, altered art journal:





A charm square, quilted messenger bag for the kiddo. FYI, this was made exactly to her specs, NOT mine, so it’s not quite up to par with my standards. However, she loves it, so it’s a success.




My new wallet, also made from charm squares.








Two new books, one for a travel padfolio, the other a three ring binder in a customized size.





And lastly, just for fun, and because I am always hiding on this side of the computer…some summer pics of me! Be kind. You know you love me. 🙂



Okay! I lied!

You didn’t really think I was gone for good, did you? 🙂 I just needed a break…and still feel like I need a break from the break! But, I have lots of new things going on and some new pictures to post so I thought I’d start there.

This is what I have been up to:










Lots and lots of art journaling! It is so therapeutic and fun. I have been asked (or told, whichever sounds more polite, ha ha) to put together an art journaling workshop and share some of my ideas and techniques. That was two weeks ago. So far, I haven’t gotten any cemented plans down, but I have got lots and lots of notes and ideas so we shall see how long it takes to get it all pulled together.

I have been fighting the WORST allergies and dealing with a lot of new diagnosis (E.D.N.O.S – which is Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified – and celiac disease being the top two that we are trying to fix right now) but I have been having lots of fun cleaning and decluttering and making new things.

Making scrapbooks has become my newest obsession and soon I will have a youtube video up of some of the things I’ve made, I’m so excited!

And of course, I can’t leave without posting a site, it’s impossible. So I thought I would share my newest favorite site of ALL TIME. Seriously. This girl is adorable, creative, hilarious, in love with her cat…what more could you ask for in a website? Oh, yeah, I know. She’s a professional photographer so the pictures are like shiny eye candy! It’s drugging, I’m telling ya…so go check out Color Me Katie. Go. Seriously!



No news is good news?

Time sure does fly when you can’t use your computer because it needs too much work! Finally, just a few hours ago, we finished installing all the new hardware and now I am up and running again, yay! Things have been quiet around here but not by my choice, it was forced on me by a broken computer, I swear!

Anyway, here are some pictures of all the things that have been going on around here lately.

Pajama pants from old sheets

Chunky yarn camera cases


Doll house area rugs

Perfectly wonderful baby hugs

Perfectly wonderful husband hugs

Bean bag bed,Gracie,Kate
Homemade bean bag beds and bright pink walls

Frogged crochet projects

Dirty faces with me next to them but only when you click on it

A hammock project gone wild that ended in a happy mess on the grass

A new purse with lots of applique


Sexy lounge pants with a cool waistband and my first button holes (which were a fail, btw)

t-shirt pants
Hubby’s work shirts become cool work out pants for me

dd's skirt
And finally, lots of rainbow squares and a still missing hemline!

As you can tell, even though I have been silent here, I have been busy elsewhere.

On a personal note – I am beginning to forget the utter hell that consisted of 2009. In fact, I was just trying to count it out last night, and I think it’s been a full four or five months since I’ve felt that awful panic feeling. I am still working at getting my entire life back under my control, and getting on some kind of routine that covers all the major areas of life – there are still a few things I need to work on and work better at. But for the most part I am pretty content. I wish I could say what the magic cure was so that I could prevent others from feeling the way I did for almost a whole year…but really, there was no magic day that it all just stopped. It just kind of melted away a little at a time. The trick is to stay busy and not think about how sick you are. For the most part, the biggest thing I did to get over it was to try to ignore it. Not forget about it – that leaves room for it to sneak up on you and grab you all over again. But ignoring it – acknowledging it’s presence and then moving on with your day anyway – seemed to work well. I just decided to quit letting the anxiety tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I am even back to eating small amounts of chocolate, drinking caffeine, and today, I actually had two beers!! Before, I was too terrified at the thought so those things hurting me to even try it. Now I am trying to just conquer the fear and do the things I am afraid of a little at a time. I guess it would be considered exposure therapy, but on a much smaller scale than I always imagine it would be done – I’m not heading to the airport or sleeping with snakes any time soon! 🙂

As far as life in the house goes, things are a little bumpy and somewhat stressful, but no more than usual. We are, of course, right in the middle of ten projects at once and trying to finish them all is a little exhausting. I have gotten rid of so much stuff though, about twelve big black bags full have been taken to the thrift store, and we took four car loads to the dump during a neighborhood cleanup (don’t worry, they had people on hand to separate the old furniture and clothes and anything that could be used from the actual trash itself). My sister and I just wrote up a chore chart to hang on the fridge so we shall see how that works out. All I know is, my week long strike (a post will be coming about that sooner or later) people have been pitching in a lot more around here, for which I am grateful.

And I think that’s about it. I have lots of little stuff in the works, but nothing major that I can talk about right now. Sorry again for the disappearing act and I will be back soon with more rambling notes and fun ideas!

Lazy afternoons in the hammock

I just want to throw something wild out there. Did you know you can make your own hammock? Up until tonight, I thought they were some magical creation that can only be purchased at huge home improvement stores for no less than $100. I was wrong. According to this article, there are several different methods of making a hammock – crochet, macrame or even just plain sewing. There are many useful links to be found all over the internet.

The basic idea of all of the crochet patterns seems to be the same so far – chain 200 or so – this is the width of your finished hammock, so make it as wide as you think it should be. Remembered that yarn stretches. If you’re recycling rags or strips of fabric for this, check to make sure you’re happy with the width, as it won’t stretch quite as much as yarn will. Next, put in two rows of single crochet; then switch off to double crochets with anywhere between 3 and 5 chains between each stitch to give you a mesh. Do this until your hammock is the length you want it to be – make sure it’s about a foot or foot and a half longer than the tallest person who will be using it – and do two more rows of single crochet to finish it off. Keep the following in mind while reading my rambling explanations: There are real crochet patterns to be found in those links above, with correct technical terms and diagrams and everything. I can’t follow a pattern to save my life. So what I do instead is whittle the basic repeats and methods down to words I can actually understand and remember, which is why I’m explaining things in this kind of convoluted way. It makes sense to me, if it doesn’t to you don’t worry, you are the normal one – just go read the links. 🙂

This one has extra fancy edging along with the crochet hammock.

To make a fabric hammock, you can take 3 yards of whichever fabric you choose as long as it’s at least 36″ wide. (It can be wider, that is up to you. The last paragraph talks more about this option.) Choose a relatively strong and durable fabric if you plan on using this for more than a day or two. If it’s just for a quick camping adventure or something, you could probably use an old sheet as long as it’s pretty much in one piece. Do a double fold hem on both long sides, then on the ends, making sure your hem is deep enough to allow a length of rope to be threaded through it. Or, if you prefer the most common hammock, make sure the hem is deep enough to thread a thick dowel or other piece of strong wood through it. After that, it’s a matter of tying either the rope you used or the dowel you used to the support system you have in mind – two trees, the corners of your walls, your ceiling, the back of your VW van – you get the drift. I’m more about making the hammock itself and letting the hubby figure out how to secure it. I plan on attempting this with a canvas dropcloth. Should be durable, strong, and hold up well, and can be painted or patchworked to match my yard. Good plan, right?

One last word on hammocks – the ones with stretchers, dowels or other supports that keep the hammock opened wide are the ones we are used to seeing. However, you don’t actually have to have anything like that in your hammock. You can go with the Mayan style instead – where there are no spreaders, causing the hammock to envelope you more snuggly and give you more privacy inside the hammock itself. If you choose this route, just keep in mind that the wider the fabric is that you choose to use, the less you will be able to see around you. It does cut out the view. Since we live in the middle of town and our hammock will be in our front yard, I’m not so concerned about seeing the view around us; if we were going to be at the ocean or next to a river or something, I would want to see as much as possible. So keep this in mind while you’re making your hammock plans.

Are you wondering why I’m researching hammocks? Well, this time, it is not just because I wanted to mess up my newly organized bookmark menu. It’s because I’m actually interested in making one. We recently began a yard project that won’t be fully complete until there’s a hammock of one sort or another out there to swing away in. Also, depending on the success or fail of this venture, there is a chance that DD will be sleeping in a hammock for a bit while we try to find her the perfect bedroom set. You can see that I have good reasons for wasting a whole post droning on and on about hammocks.

PS – did you know there’s something called hammock camping? I would have just called it, ‘sleeping in a hammock when you go camping,’ but apparently it is way cooler to say ‘hammock camping.’ After my recent eduction on glamping, which I have been doing my entire married life without even realizing it, nothing surprises me when it comes to the names people give things. I am kind of proud to say I glamp rather than camp. Maybe now I will be even more proud and I can say, “Oh, I glamp and I hammock camp, don’t you?!”

Let’s do it right this time.

So, I just spent an hour writing a great post full of links, pictures, and a running commentary. Then I hit the wrong button and lost everything I’d just typed. So this time around, there will be links and pictures, and very limited commentary. I’m getting sleepy, what can I say? (Not to mention totally disgusted with my own mistakes, sheesh). Anyway. On to the show…

Oh, Fransson! is on my top 5 favorite blogs ever. Look for her paintbox quilts and wonkiness. Love it! See how many pics she gets? That’s because – she is awesome!

Notes From the Patch shows another way to finish the edges of a quilt – with an adorable ruffle.

Curbly.com shows how to make Shrinky Dinks out of #6 plastic.

comfortstitching is an amazing wealth of ideas and tips and great pics.

Craftzine shows how to make cool pencil/storage cases out of recycled cereal boxes that actually stay closed. Love it!

The Polka Dot Chair is full of good ideas and fun tuts, including a quick-change corsage necklace that I want to make really soon.

Patchwork Posse is another quilting blog with a great binding tut and some fun spring posie quilt blocks that are so adorable.

alisa burke shows how to make a perfect petticoat that I really want.

Doctrine and Diapers shows how to make this great nightgown out of your husband’s t’s.

Mode Bake Shop has so many great projects, you really need to look around at their posts and take it all in. I want to make this candy heart quilt soon.

Country Living.com did this article on how to make terrariums out of picture frames. I don’t know that this is something I will ever have the patience to make, but I would like to, because it’s perfect and charming.

Songbird is incredible. She has beautiful colors splashed around everywhere and great ideas. Also, she just blogged about a site called Tumblr that is a visual bookmarking aid, so maybe one day I won’t spend an hour blogging my favorite projects and then lose it all!! (lol)

The Happy Zombie has a great piece about sashing your quilts, which I really intend to read one of these days. It’s the one part of quilting I’ve been meaning to try and keep thinking of reasons why I should put it off, because it’s intimidating. I will overcome my fear!

sew4home has a great tutorial on journal covers.

Trey and Lucy is a blog where you’ll find a little bit of everything. She has lots of family memories and photos, and tons of cool crafting and sewing tutorials, links and ideas. I also like her style of writing and the way she uses color and font size to make her page all cheerful. It’s fun.

Ruffles and Stuff is a blog with lots of good tutorials and great colors and an all around good ‘feel’ to it. I want to make these earrings one year.

Of course, Sew Mama Sew would end up here and this great nightie tutorial is just one reason why.

Film in the fridge is where I learned how to make string quilt blocks, so that’s what I’m linking to. But look around at her site – this is some serious eye candy for quilters and sewers. This is probably #4 on my top 10 fave blogs. (That may have to become it’s own post here shortly.)

And you know what…I think I am going to stop right there. For two reasons. One, I’m getting really tired and stiff from sitting here this long; and two, it just dawned on me that I should probably organize these links into categories. What do you think? I could do all the quilting links in one spot, all the home decor in another, etc. That might keep it from being so overwhelming.

And the saddest part is that I’m not even halfway done with all the links I have in my unorganized bookmarks…no telling how many are still in my folders…this is what happens when you don’t organize things as you save them! Learn from me, people!! (lol) 😉

More Linky Goodness

Note to self: It may well be worth the time to add a picture to each of these links so I can remember exactly what I wanted. Investigate. Also, may be worth using the pic as the actual link. Think about it.

This thread on Craftster shows how to make knitting and crochet hooks from dowels or whatever you have around the house.

Izzy & Ivy designs is a blog by a mom who sews adorable dresses and softies for her girls. Lots of great ideas.

LollyChops is another great source of inspiration for Gracie’s room. I also love how she refers to her family and friends as various members of the LollyChops family.

syko does amazing quilts. There is a machine embroidery board on Craftster that I will have to complete to finish the challenge, and this site is going to be my main source of inspiration for that, I can already tell. Check it out:
The attention to detail is stunning and makes the piece so much more interesting than just a sketch with a clothesline and some other stuff around it!

Made By Lex has lots and lots of great ideas for reconstructing clothes and making new ones altogether. Also, she has fabulous photography skills that I completely covet!

indietutes is the blog Vegbee from Craftster runs and I love every second of it. She is super fun!

A trial run solution to my deplorable bookmarking skills

I spend a lot of time online doing research on crafty/homeschool projects that are things I want to be able to go back and successfully find in the future. I am really. really. really. really sick of going to look at my bookmarks and forgetting why I bookmarked the pages/sites that I don’t visit often enough to remember well. I have tried online bookmarking (like Delicious) but it’s not quite as easy as I’d like it to be, and I still have to go through and tag everything if I want to remember what it was that I wanted to mark exactly.

So I thought I would start bookmarking things here instead of anywhere else.  Here are 20 out of my 200 to get ya started. 🙂
Walter and Veronica Go check out these awesome bloomers!! They are so much fun. You can make them any size (you use a pair of pants you already have to help make the pattern) and you could do so much with them – leave them simple and white, or go crazy with the trimmings. They are adorable!

Craftzine has a pretty cool article on weaving over an existing lampshade to give it a new look. I may try this, just to get the Weaving board on Craftster out of the way and done with, and also because I think I could do my Fort Bragg tribute lampshade with some sea shells and blue ribbons and it would look pretty cool.

Jonquils & Ladybugs is the blog of a fellow mom/quilter. She has an orange and blue duvet cover that I really like to look at. Mostly, I like to browse her quilts and be jealous that she creates such wonderful projects. 🙂 Good inspiration site.

Made By Rae is a site I originally found last week during a clothing research mission I was one. She does a whole amazingly cool thing called Spring Top Week, where you can enter up to 5 shirts you have made, and there are judges who pick winners who get prizes. I don’t plan on entering, but I do plan on watching what unfolds and getting some great ideas for new shirts.

PatchworkPottery has amazing photos of an amazing new craftroom. I love the greens and creamy yellows and reds that she has all over the place. I found her though whip up on a mini-quilt blog roundup they did. I like her partridge quilts.

Boutique NutMeg Designs is another quilting blog I found through Whip Up. She has a gorgeous red and aqua mini quilt that I adore, as well as neat organza flowers and lots of other projects I haven’t fully read through yet.

My Three Sons has some gorgeous quilts. I was inspired by her picnic quilts and the fact that she added ties to them to make them easy to store. I may need to do this to all of the blankets in my house if it really makes things easier to store! 😉

eHow has a neat article here on how to weave a rug without a loom. Again, this would be for the Craftster all-boards craftalong I am in, but I also really really love homemade scatter rugs and think this technique might actually work for me, unlike toothbrush rugs and crochet rugs and loom rugs…sigh.

My Patchwork has a lot of really good tutorials that I can’t wait to read through. Bunting, notebook covers, Headbands in 15 minutes or less – lots of great ideas and tons of pics.

Craft Passion’s braided rug is ingenious. She shows you how to stitch the braids together with your sewing machine! I really want to try this method.

Red House Happenings has a gorgeous ruffled purse and a brown and teal bible cover that I want to steal. (lol.) Those are just on the first page. Love it!

That Crazy Quilty Girl has a Domesticated Skirt tutorial that’s reversible and looks like an apron (sort of, but this is something I’d actually wear). I plan on looking around here more because I’m sure she’s got other great ideas I haven’t discovered yet.

Tatertots and Jello is a great place. First of all, how could you NOT love that name? She posts lots and lots of links to cool projects all over blogland. I really want to try the Epsom Eggs in her Easter roundup. Among other things on her pages. 😉

Planet Green This is a page that has 50 ways to hack a Mason jar. I want to do the picture frames, the terrarium, the snow globe, the homemade soap dispenser…and probably a dozen more.

I’m An Organizing Junkie is already linked in my side bar over there < < <. But, this page specifically is marked because I want to go back and read through all of her links. These are organizing/housekeeping links that I’ve enjoyed a lot so far, but I’m not done with them.

Clover Lane is another blog that talks a lot about organizing. In particular, she talks about the 40 Bags in 40 Days concept and enlightened me to the fact that one of my favorite tv guys, Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep, wrote a book about organizing.

Simplify is, quite simply, AMAZING. Just to give you a hint about how great her blog is, there, right in her header, is a red polka dotted chair with a red and turquoise quilt thrown over it. How much better could it get?? From what I recall from reading through several posts yesterday, she is associated with Moda (which is drool worthy on its own) and has amazing pics, amazing quilts and a style of writing that’s just…well…amazing.

Pea Pod Creations is where I learned how to make my homemade laundry soap (see previous post). I love her cute doodles of pea pods and her writing style.

One Shabby Chick has lots of cool links and great pictures (those words are starting to sound eerily familiar). There is a quilt with gnomes on it that I am in love with!

Don’t Look now! OMG!! If I had to choose one link for you guys to check out on this whole page, this is the one. Go look. Now. I am in love, or maybe even lust, with her quilting skills. She is the biggest influence on DD’s new room makeover, I am that in love with her style. I haven’t done this with any of the other links, but I am gonna do it with this one: Here’s a pic of her stuff.

Isn’t that breathtaking? All that applique work and gorgeous color together. Love it!!

More links coming soon!

To any other bloggers getting pingbacks to my site – sorry if I didn’t contact you before linking to your blog. I will be emailing each of you within the next few days (I hope) to make sure it’s okay. And I didn’t hotlink any pics, I promise!!

No more rainbows!

That’s probably what my entire family is starting to think these days. I have decided that 2010 is the year of the rainbow – mostly because, I – we – need a good, promising year after 2009. Rainbows are beautiful and make me happy when I see them, so I have latched on to them with a vengeance! As it’s only April, I should probably slow down just a bit to keep from driving them all nuts, but hey, it’s my world too!

In January, I ordered a bunch of art prints for my wall, both of which feature rainbows (I don’t want to deal with copyright infringement OR taking pics of them right now. Just picture Noah’s Ark with a gorgeous rainbow above it and you’re good to go.)

In February, I made inchies. They aren’t photographed or posted yet because I am not quite sure if I am done with them yet. However, they are framed and hanging on our living room wall, and they are each a solid color of the rainbow and arranged accordingly, so they do count as my rainbow obsession. I will put pics of them up as soon as I am done with them.

March 2nd I finished this wonderful rainbow quilt:

I thought I had blogged about it here but I couldn’t find it, so either I didn’t look hard enough or I really didn’t put it up here yet. As you can tell, it has a featured spot on my new custom header (that I put off making for months and that only took about 3 minutes to whip out in the end. Sigh. Me and procrastination go together so very very well.)

And right now, I have a super secret project underway. Want some teasers? I thought you might…

Ignore any stray gathering stitches you may think you are seeing. They don’t exist. I swear.

And, because I have a new camera that I love and a new toy for my computer that makes getting pictures downloaded so much easier, I will show you what I spent an hour or so doing tonight.

It’s a little crooked and it kind of made me sea sick to look at. Hope you’re tougher than me. The point is, I am really working hard on reorganizing my stuff and adapting to this crazy my-craft-room-and-home-office-are-both-in-the-same-space-and-it’s-a-hallway situation. Of course, the fabric up on top of the bins is not supposed to be up there; it’s scraps that I need to put into the bins. But I had them all pulled out for the super secret project so what can I say, at least they aren’t on the floor anymore.

Well, my day starts at 6 AM and since it is almost 2 AM and I haven’t been to sleep yet, I think I shall shut the computer down and go catch some rest. Enjoy your day, enjoy my pics, and think of me when you see rainbows!!


Are good and busy around my world lately. Unfortunately, the desire to blog has shriveled up and blown away like dead leaves in a hurricane, and guess why? Because I don’t have a camera anymore. And to me, blog posts without pictures are like food without smell…only half the goodness that could be had, and a sense of dusty crumbs in your throat that you kind of detest.

That being said…I do have some things to share. Here is a scan (yes, I can scan, yay!) of my latest art journal page:

Under that yellow and blue flap it says, Everything deserves a chance to be part of something imperfectly beautiful. Even You.

I made this out of recycled papers from magazines and books. The background is an acrylic painting on plain old computer paper. It’s a mixed media piece – there is pen work, painting, collage, and pencil as well as crayon and even a bit of eyeliner! I had a lot of fun putting it together, and I did it to remind myself that even I am worth another chance. It was really relaxing and I plan on doing more pages like this in my art journal. Some of the techniques I used came from this blog, and more specifically, the videos in her Youtube playlist. While I don’t have all of the fancy paint markers and stuff, the overall effect I got with regular Sharpies and felt tipped markers was still really fun and pleasing.

I find that a lot of times, the hardest part of being true to the intention of my art journal – which is to capture my thoughts in any way outside of the box of just writing black text on white paper – is to let myself go and just be intuitive and not second guess each and every choice. The second hardest part is remembering that this is my journal, not an art gallery display for everyone else to see – it only has to please me! It is really strange to craft in that frame of mind but I am working at it a little bit at a time.

Here is another piece I did last weekend while I was sick. It’s black ink and white paper and that’s it. I call it Alice’s Garden, but since it’s still laying on my desk instead of matted and framed like I’d planned, maybe it doesn’t deserve a real name, lol.

I don’t know if I already posted this, but even if I did, I love it so much I don’t mind talking about it: My wonderful rainbow quilt. This is the first piece I actually finished the ‘right’ way, by handstitching the binding, and I love it. I can’t wait to get started on another quilt, and in fact, just bought a bunch of fabric for that exact purpose.

There has also been a mini art quilt…

…that is the basis of a collection of potholders I am designing for my kitchen.

And a cupcake embroidery that is handing on my wall…

And my first ever knitted project: a hat.

I have been busy, it just hasn’t shown up here on my poor neglected little blog! I am finding out that posting things on Craftster is a lot of fun and very rewarding but it makes it hard to want to repost stuff here. If that makes sense anyway!

On the home front, we have been busy moving people out and in and around. One sister moved out, the youngest and her husband moved in, but not before I came up with the brilliant idea of switching my bedroom out for the quietest and darkest one. The house has been in a mild state of controlled chaos but it is now officially under control – my last load of laundry is in the machines and every room has been scrubbed and organized, except the kitchen, which is tomorrow. I’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff (dropped it off at the local thrift store and made new friends, lol) and feel like I am finally getting my life in order! It is pretty amazing to make it through a whole day and do the things I’m supposed to do and not cry or throw up or freak out even once. I feel like a new person, honestly. I’ve also been losing weight pretty fast again, I don’t know if it’s the weather or the fact that I am so busy, but at least this time my hair isn’t falling out and my skin isn’t turning gray!

Oh, and I am now ‘working’ again – taking care of a 2 year old from 6 AM until about 4 PM, and also picking another little girl up from school at 2 and watching her until about 6. It has been busy, and I hate getting up so early, but it’s really good for Grace to have a friend over in the afternoons, and it has really sharpened my teaching skills to have two 8 year olds who need help with their work. It’s also made more of a schedule for my days, and as much as I resisted it, it’s actually helping a ton. Just don’t tell anyone I admitted that. 😉

On that note, it is now officially 3:00 AM and I officially have to be up and out of here in three short hours, so it’s time to turn this computer off and crawl in bed. Have a great Tuesday!!

Welcome to 2010

It has been a crazy busy year so far in my part of the world!

Here’s some pics of what I’ve been up to:

From the top, we have:
a scoodie talked about here
DD’s black velvet circle scarf which you can read about here
My recycled candy wrapper pouches here
My amazing home made sugar scrub which you will love
My new pendants
My barely begun art journal (no link, no info)
My crochet roll (I was sure I’d posted that somewhere, but now I can’t find it, so whatever)
A patchworked case
A toothbrush/rag rug for the living room
The mail organizer behind my front door.

And here is my on-going project list.
1) Rainbow patchwork skirt
2) tampon case (maybe x4, one for each of my sisters and my mother)
3) yoga pants from t-shirt (I also plan on losing 40 lbs this years, one can never have too many cheap workout pants to help with that goal!)
4) I am thinking about a skittles and m&m wrapper bag, or at least wallet. [/s] Starburst wallet pouch thingy
5) wash clothes (crochet, my own simple pattern) Kniffty Knitter loom ones instead
6) legwarmers
7) de-stash as much as I possibly can, and quickly as possible!
8 ) make and wear an entire outfit
9) Make a king sized quilt and love it!
10) Begin making ATC’s and inchies, again with a rainbow theme
11) Finish an altered book
12) begin an art journal.
13) Log cabin lap quilt in muted colors.
14) Make stepping stones for the yard
15) Bathroom organization and redecoration – it needs it in the worst way!
16) Create a reading corner somewhere in the house with a comfy chair, a lamp and a shelf.
17) Set up my new crafting space after convincing hubby to let me have it (lol)
18) Make reusable bowl covers
19) make reusable “paper” towels (find the link in this thread to them first, obviously)
20) Reusable sandwich wraps for the hubby and the kiddo and I to take on picnics
21) make at least 10 grocery and produce bags.
22) Make dryer balls
23) speaking of which, learn to felt wool
24) and learn to reclaim it from sweaters at the thrift stores.
25) sew a crochet hook/rag rug tool holder and NOT lose it.
26) make a toothbrush area-sized rug
27) for the art/everything journal, I need to learn to bind better. Did it on the sewing machine
28) Take pics of all projects
28) Make paper at home with the paper making kit I bought LAST year (procrastinate much? lol)
29) make some art work for my living room
30) make some couch and floor cushions for my living room.
31) make remote control organizers (2, one for living room, one for bedroom)
32) Make my mom’s paperback book cover
33) make a bible cover
34) make a ziplock-bag folder thing (I don’t know where to find it online, I looked all over but can’t find it yet. Donna Dewberry made one on this show on Cutterstv and it was AWESOME.) with a hard back insert for writing on
35) make the DD a twirly skirt (rainbowy?)
36) make the DD a rag doll with blankets and pillows and accessories (x2, the other for my niece)
37) make the nephew a fun toy (or taggie blanket) so he doesn’t feel unloved after the girls get their presents!
38) make my own Swiffer wet jet refill solution and covers. ( i made my own refill solution, just need to stitch up some covers now.) Talked about here
39) Make room for two sewing machines on my sewing table
40) Make a nightie to sleep in
41) make yoga pants out of the fabric I bought for this purpose four weeks ago.
42) finish the redo of the clock I bought
43) make an altered puzzle (they look so cool)
44) make a sewing “pouch” to keep all my rag rug scraps in to move from room to room
45) redo/reorganize the kitchen, it is a sad affair in there right now.
46) Polymer clay pendants
47) some kind of Mario/Nintendo related craft.
48) Sugar Body Scrub Sugary Orange Juice Body Scrub
49. Tea or coffee stain my white eyelet skirt and take it in a bit in the waist
50. Etch craft room supply jars and make some outside lanterns for the yard
51. Craft room shelves and desk out of the wood we just bought
52. Living room overhaul
53. make the dog a new warm blanket/bed pad for her dog house.
54. Make an ink-jet iron-on transfer on some onesies and t’s
55.washer necklaces for myself and my friends, and/or a ring or two

The bolded items are works in progress, the crossed out ones are finished.

See what I mean? 2010 has been busy so far!

Also, on a personal note, my emotional life is going much better. I feel like a different person, and two months ago I never would have thought I’d feel good again, but I really do. I didn’t change anything either – just started working out every other day or so and trying to eat better. It was when I started forcing myself back to my daily routine that things really started turning around for me.

And on a business note, I was asked to contribute some items for a consignment shop opening in town. I am excited to see if I can make some money on my crafted items and will probably be opening an Etsy shop or at least posting them on Craigslist soon.

I am working on some tutorials to put here and trying to figure out if I’m going to close my Blogger site or not. It’s hard to remember to post to this one regularly as it is, but I really do like Blogger’s format better and feel that it would be easier to get my blog organized by just starting over…lol.

Okay, well there’s enough of an update for you! I am off to enjoy by 9th wedding anniversary present, my brand new sewing machine, and then to bed with Mr. Sinus Infection for a few hours before my day starts all over again. Later gators. 🙂