Food Journal

So, I really need to get serious about this whole fitness thing and start writing down every bite and drink I consume. To that end, I’m going to start posting my food intake here on my blog, so my trainer (yay!) can see it and know what’s going on.

Today’s food –
breakfast – 90 cal granola bar
snack – string cheese
dinner – 3 oz steak, half a baked potato, carrots, two shrimp, three fries
dessert – I caved and had a scoop of chocolate ice cream. 🙂 I’m hormonal, what can I say!
later snack – three Ritz crackers.
drinks – three bottles of water, a glass of Sprite with dinner, and a few drinks of Pepsi this afternoon. Didn’t do so well with the no soda thing this week.

Yesterday’s food – (not broken up into meals, just written down)
2 eggs, 2 pieces toast, 1/4 can of tuna, two Ritz and a string cheese for lunch, spaghetti with noodles for dinner, Greek yogurt with all bran and a protein bar later.

The 25th –
Protein bar for breakfast,tuna and string cheese for lunch, spaghetti with no noodles for dinner

(have no idea what happened to the 24th and 23rd, except I know that one of those nights I had chili cheese fries for dinner.)

the 22nd –
Steak and egg, Greek yogurt with All Bran, chicken with lettuce, tomato, cheese and taco sauce, and an apple with peanut butter.


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

One Response to Food Journal

  1. srkenney says:

    Yay! I am so glad you are doing this. I won’t critique your food unless you ask. You have to feel comfortable telling the whole truth, and get used to writing down everything. Even if you have 2 bites of pizza, put it down. It seems over the top, but after awhile you will see why I want you to do it. 🙂

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