Let’s talk about #2, baby!

Continuing with the 30 days of lists list, we are now on #2 – things I am good at.  I will try as hard as I can to keep it clean and play nice. For those of you who know me, you’ll feel my pain with this…lol!

Things I am good at:

#1. Making fun messes (yes, there really are such things!)

#2. Coming up with great ideas for other people to follow through on

#3. Tanning in the yard when I should be working in the house

#4. Reading, writing and arithmetic sleeping

#5. Messing up when I try to make this smiley: 😀

#6. Scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees.  It’s a very therapeutic position

#5. Always having something funny to say

#6. Asking awkward and inappropriate questions

#7. NOT asking the other hundreds of other awkward and inappropriate questions I’m thinking

#8. My husband will argue to the death about this, but I am very very good at mowing lawns

#9. Ignoring my poor thirsty plants

#10. Creating and living with a beautiful mess in the midst of utter chaos and destruction

#11. Pushing myself beyond my limits to see what else I can do and what new limits I can find

#12. Working out at midnight…or 2 AM…whichever feels better

#13. Saying goodbye but never letting go

#14. Forgetting things is one of those things that I’m especially good at, unless it’s something I want to forget.

#15.  I can’t tell you this one…but trust me, I’m good at it. (Get your mind out of the gutter!  The honest truth is I couldn’t think of one for #15 but didn’t want to stop on an even number. :D)

So there you have it…#15 things I’m good at.

What about you?  What are you good at?  15, 100, or 2, doesn’t matter…we all have something we’re good at.  Spend some time today looking for yours.  Make your list.  Put it in my comments.  Put it on your wall.  Whatever makes ya happy!  Just think about it…you know you wanna.

PS – yes, if you are paying attention, you’ll notice I missed a day.  It wasn’t technically my fault though.  I wrote the post and scheduled it to publish itself after midnight and for some reason it didn’t do it.  But, I am not gonna freak out and feel like a failure…I know I wrote it on the right day, even if no one else does…lol!!


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

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