A trial run solution to my deplorable bookmarking skills

I spend a lot of time online doing research on crafty/homeschool projects that are things I want to be able to go back and successfully find in the future. I am really. really. really. really sick of going to look at my bookmarks and forgetting why I bookmarked the pages/sites that I don’t visit often enough to remember well. I have tried online bookmarking (like Delicious) but it’s not quite as easy as I’d like it to be, and I still have to go through and tag everything if I want to remember what it was that I wanted to mark exactly.

So I thought I would start bookmarking things here instead of anywhere else.  Here are 20 out of my 200 to get ya started. 🙂
Walter and Veronica Go check out these awesome bloomers!! They are so much fun. You can make them any size (you use a pair of pants you already have to help make the pattern) and you could do so much with them – leave them simple and white, or go crazy with the trimmings. They are adorable!

Craftzine has a pretty cool article on weaving over an existing lampshade to give it a new look. I may try this, just to get the Weaving board on Craftster out of the way and done with, and also because I think I could do my Fort Bragg tribute lampshade with some sea shells and blue ribbons and it would look pretty cool.

Jonquils & Ladybugs is the blog of a fellow mom/quilter. She has an orange and blue duvet cover that I really like to look at. Mostly, I like to browse her quilts and be jealous that she creates such wonderful projects. 🙂 Good inspiration site.

Made By Rae is a site I originally found last week during a clothing research mission I was one. She does a whole amazingly cool thing called Spring Top Week, where you can enter up to 5 shirts you have made, and there are judges who pick winners who get prizes. I don’t plan on entering, but I do plan on watching what unfolds and getting some great ideas for new shirts.

PatchworkPottery has amazing photos of an amazing new craftroom. I love the greens and creamy yellows and reds that she has all over the place. I found her though whip up on a mini-quilt blog roundup they did. I like her partridge quilts.

Boutique NutMeg Designs is another quilting blog I found through Whip Up. She has a gorgeous red and aqua mini quilt that I adore, as well as neat organza flowers and lots of other projects I haven’t fully read through yet.

My Three Sons has some gorgeous quilts. I was inspired by her picnic quilts and the fact that she added ties to them to make them easy to store. I may need to do this to all of the blankets in my house if it really makes things easier to store! 😉

eHow has a neat article here on how to weave a rug without a loom. Again, this would be for the Craftster all-boards craftalong I am in, but I also really really love homemade scatter rugs and think this technique might actually work for me, unlike toothbrush rugs and crochet rugs and loom rugs…sigh.

My Patchwork has a lot of really good tutorials that I can’t wait to read through. Bunting, notebook covers, Headbands in 15 minutes or less – lots of great ideas and tons of pics.

Craft Passion’s braided rug is ingenious. She shows you how to stitch the braids together with your sewing machine! I really want to try this method.

Red House Happenings has a gorgeous ruffled purse and a brown and teal bible cover that I want to steal. (lol.) Those are just on the first page. Love it!

That Crazy Quilty Girl has a Domesticated Skirt tutorial that’s reversible and looks like an apron (sort of, but this is something I’d actually wear). I plan on looking around here more because I’m sure she’s got other great ideas I haven’t discovered yet.

Tatertots and Jello is a great place. First of all, how could you NOT love that name? She posts lots and lots of links to cool projects all over blogland. I really want to try the Epsom Eggs in her Easter roundup. Among other things on her pages. 😉

Planet Green This is a page that has 50 ways to hack a Mason jar. I want to do the picture frames, the terrarium, the snow globe, the homemade soap dispenser…and probably a dozen more.

I’m An Organizing Junkie is already linked in my side bar over there < < <. But, this page specifically is marked because I want to go back and read through all of her links. These are organizing/housekeeping links that I’ve enjoyed a lot so far, but I’m not done with them.

Clover Lane is another blog that talks a lot about organizing. In particular, she talks about the 40 Bags in 40 Days concept and enlightened me to the fact that one of my favorite tv guys, Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep, wrote a book about organizing.

Simplify is, quite simply, AMAZING. Just to give you a hint about how great her blog is, there, right in her header, is a red polka dotted chair with a red and turquoise quilt thrown over it. How much better could it get?? From what I recall from reading through several posts yesterday, she is associated with Moda (which is drool worthy on its own) and has amazing pics, amazing quilts and a style of writing that’s just…well…amazing.

Pea Pod Creations is where I learned how to make my homemade laundry soap (see previous post). I love her cute doodles of pea pods and her writing style.

One Shabby Chick has lots of cool links and great pictures (those words are starting to sound eerily familiar). There is a quilt with gnomes on it that I am in love with!

Don’t Look now! OMG!! If I had to choose one link for you guys to check out on this whole page, this is the one. Go look. Now. I am in love, or maybe even lust, with her quilting skills. She is the biggest influence on DD’s new room makeover, I am that in love with her style. I haven’t done this with any of the other links, but I am gonna do it with this one: Here’s a pic of her stuff.

Isn’t that breathtaking? All that applique work and gorgeous color together. Love it!!

More links coming soon!

To any other bloggers getting pingbacks to my site – sorry if I didn’t contact you before linking to your blog. I will be emailing each of you within the next few days (I hope) to make sure it’s okay. And I didn’t hotlink any pics, I promise!!


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