Welcome to 2010

It has been a crazy busy year so far in my part of the world!

Here’s some pics of what I’ve been up to:

From the top, we have:
a scoodie talked about here
DD’s black velvet circle scarf which you can read about here
My recycled candy wrapper pouches here
My amazing home made sugar scrub which you will love
My new pendants
My barely begun art journal (no link, no info)
My crochet roll (I was sure I’d posted that somewhere, but now I can’t find it, so whatever)
A patchworked case
A toothbrush/rag rug for the living room
The mail organizer behind my front door.

And here is my on-going project list.
1) Rainbow patchwork skirt
2) tampon case (maybe x4, one for each of my sisters and my mother)
3) yoga pants from t-shirt (I also plan on losing 40 lbs this years, one can never have too many cheap workout pants to help with that goal!)
4) I am thinking about a skittles and m&m wrapper bag, or at least wallet. [/s] Starburst wallet pouch thingy
5) wash clothes (crochet, my own simple pattern) Kniffty Knitter loom ones instead
6) legwarmers
7) de-stash as much as I possibly can, and quickly as possible!
8 ) make and wear an entire outfit
9) Make a king sized quilt and love it!
10) Begin making ATC’s and inchies, again with a rainbow theme
11) Finish an altered book
12) begin an art journal.
13) Log cabin lap quilt in muted colors.
14) Make stepping stones for the yard
15) Bathroom organization and redecoration – it needs it in the worst way!
16) Create a reading corner somewhere in the house with a comfy chair, a lamp and a shelf.
17) Set up my new crafting space after convincing hubby to let me have it (lol)
18) Make reusable bowl covers
19) make reusable “paper” towels (find the link in this thread to them first, obviously)
20) Reusable sandwich wraps for the hubby and the kiddo and I to take on picnics
21) make at least 10 grocery and produce bags.
22) Make dryer balls
23) speaking of which, learn to felt wool
24) and learn to reclaim it from sweaters at the thrift stores.
25) sew a crochet hook/rag rug tool holder and NOT lose it.
26) make a toothbrush area-sized rug
27) for the art/everything journal, I need to learn to bind better. Did it on the sewing machine
28) Take pics of all projects
28) Make paper at home with the paper making kit I bought LAST year (procrastinate much? lol)
29) make some art work for my living room
30) make some couch and floor cushions for my living room.
31) make remote control organizers (2, one for living room, one for bedroom)
32) Make my mom’s paperback book cover
33) make a bible cover
34) make a ziplock-bag folder thing (I don’t know where to find it online, I looked all over but can’t find it yet. Donna Dewberry made one on this show on Cutterstv and it was AWESOME.) with a hard back insert for writing on
35) make the DD a twirly skirt (rainbowy?)
36) make the DD a rag doll with blankets and pillows and accessories (x2, the other for my niece)
37) make the nephew a fun toy (or taggie blanket) so he doesn’t feel unloved after the girls get their presents!
38) make my own Swiffer wet jet refill solution and covers. ( i made my own refill solution, just need to stitch up some covers now.) Talked about here
39) Make room for two sewing machines on my sewing table
40) Make a nightie to sleep in
41) make yoga pants out of the fabric I bought for this purpose four weeks ago.
42) finish the redo of the clock I bought
43) make an altered puzzle (they look so cool)
44) make a sewing “pouch” to keep all my rag rug scraps in to move from room to room
45) redo/reorganize the kitchen, it is a sad affair in there right now.
46) Polymer clay pendants
47) some kind of Mario/Nintendo related craft.
48) Sugar Body Scrub Sugary Orange Juice Body Scrub
49. Tea or coffee stain my white eyelet skirt and take it in a bit in the waist
50. Etch craft room supply jars and make some outside lanterns for the yard
51. Craft room shelves and desk out of the wood we just bought
52. Living room overhaul
53. make the dog a new warm blanket/bed pad for her dog house.
54. Make an ink-jet iron-on transfer on some onesies and t’s
55.washer necklaces for myself and my friends, and/or a ring or two

The bolded items are works in progress, the crossed out ones are finished.

See what I mean? 2010 has been busy so far!

Also, on a personal note, my emotional life is going much better. I feel like a different person, and two months ago I never would have thought I’d feel good again, but I really do. I didn’t change anything either – just started working out every other day or so and trying to eat better. It was when I started forcing myself back to my daily routine that things really started turning around for me.

And on a business note, I was asked to contribute some items for a consignment shop opening in town. I am excited to see if I can make some money on my crafted items and will probably be opening an Etsy shop or at least posting them on Craigslist soon.

I am working on some tutorials to put here and trying to figure out if I’m going to close my Blogger site or not. It’s hard to remember to post to this one regularly as it is, but I really do like Blogger’s format better and feel that it would be easier to get my blog organized by just starting over…lol.

Okay, well there’s enough of an update for you! I am off to enjoy by 9th wedding anniversary present, my brand new sewing machine, and then to bed with Mr. Sinus Infection for a few hours before my day starts all over again. Later gators. 🙂


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

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