Just a short update

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been too busy trying to just get by. My days and nights are all running together and today I have a horrid sinus headache. Anyone else notice that this happens to them when they don’t get enough sleep? It seems that I’m more susceptible to everything, especially panic and anxiety and headaches, when my sleep schedule goes hay wire.

Anyway – just a friendly reminder, this site is no longer private, anybody can see it and the comments that you guys post. If you want to email me privately let me know and I will send you my email address.

On another note, my big computer is down for the count right now, so I am using a borrowed lap top until I get mine going again. We are installing a third hard drive and upgrading to Vista and adding RAM, and by we, I mean mostly me; between homeschool, daily chore stuff and everything else going in my little world, there’s not a whole lot of room left over for working on the puter, so it may be a while before my posts are regular or full of pictures or anything. Be patient. It’s coming.

Speaking of which, I may be switching from this blog to a video blog as my primary blogging style. Any thoughts?

I’ve also cleaned up my other internet hot spots. I was sick of the drama of facebook, so I deleted my account. I can’t say anything important in less than 140 characters so I am also done with Twitter. I realize that I talk and type too much all at once, that things would be easier if I’d just post 140 characters at a time (lol) but that’s not gonna happen, so there ya go.

What else….um…I’ve been really active on the forum at The Realities of Anxiety (there’s a link in the post directly below this.) It’s awesome to know I’m not alone in what I go through! I have some cool insights to post when I have a quiet minute to organize my thoughts.

I guess that’s all the updates I have for right now. Pop back in soon. πŸ™‚ You know you really like reading my diary…which is what this is right now…lol.


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

One Response to Just a short update

  1. srkenney says:

    Hi love! Sad you are gone from Facebook, but I hardly ever use it anymore myself. After this horribly traumatic high school reunion I VERY unwillingly attended, I just can’t stand to see anyone right now. In 10 years, I was one out of four that got married, and one out of 2 with kids…from a class of a few hundred. Twitter sucks, but I have it because it is in my signature at Arjuna’s and people seem to care somehow.

    I will check ou tthe anxiety thing, maybe post myself. I post a lot in HG support groups, just because I still suffer from the after-effects of this. I don’t have too much anxiety anymore, just mainly around the kids making messes and people not getting along. When everyone is happy, I seem to be too. Do you find your stress is triggered by something usually?

    I don’t worry about the privacy thing, I only keep one site private, the rest I don’t care about. All my stalkers have taken a mandatory psycho work-furlough as regulated by the US…so I am very, very happy about this. πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see you back on these posts! We need to amp up on our craftiness I would say!

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