Just stopping in…

To say that not much has changed on any front. I spent the last part of my week cleaning and throwing stuff away and reorganizing the whole kitchen. I tend to do mindless busy junk like that when I’m upset, and things have been one major upset after another the last few weeks.

Apparently no news is good news. The cancer, so far, hasn’t spread; but again, they keep telling us they won’t know for sure until they actually go in to operate. Which they still haven’t scheduled. So we are still in limbo. I find myself staying away from the hill more and more, because there doesn’t seem to be much to say anymore. Everyone’s handling it just fine except for me, and I’m tired of being the only person with emotions for a ten mile radius, so it’s easier to stay home until there’s something useful to do.

But, this whole cancer thing really has shaken me up enough to the point that I’m actually going to go the doctor. It’s been almost eight months that I’ve been dealing with really weird symptoms and haven’t done much about it. The one time I did go in, the doctor ordered a complete blood work up and full physical, then changed her mind and wanted to do even more extensive testing after some of my results came back. I “accidentally” missed my follow up appointments and avoided her repeated phone calls until she eventually sent me an angry letter and then gave up. This has made me realize it’s time to deal with whatever’s going on and stop being a chicken. I don’t like it, but whatever.

On the crafting side of things, we made more marble magnets and watercolored and spent lots of time getting ready for next school year by making decorations for the big bulletin boards we have for school information. While productive, again, it feels like just busy work, not really accomplishing anything of great importance.

On the techy side of things I went last night and got a huge hard drive (bye bye little stupid 60! lol) and a new video card. We stood there debating on which card to get and eventually went with the most expensive one because apparently that’s how guys think. Whatver, it was all easy to install and we were able to play the new game DH just had to have, so things are all good. Finally, I don’t have to worry about space and can get around to actually organizing the stuff I really want to keep…

Okay, this is seriously the most boring post ever, so I’ll put you out of your misery and say good night (good morning, since it’s well after one, but who cares, right?) I’ll be back soon with pictures and projects and hopefully good news updates!


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

3 Responses to Just stopping in…

  1. srkenney says:

    Hi honey! I am so sorry to hear how upset you’ve been. I wish I could have taken you with me. You need to get out, as in 100+ miles away! Get lots of rest, go to the doctore, and eat nice big salads. Let me know if I can do anything from this side of the globe.

    So, dublin was playing with his second cousin, and she said that if he was nice to her, maybe they could get married. Dublin said, “no, that’s ok, I am already marrying Gracie”….LOL!!! So freakin’ cute. he loves her.

    I won at the penny slots tonight, so me and my hot date went out for drinks at the “Mustang Saloon” in the Shooting Star resort/casino. I started smoking a few weeks ago, blah. I had one too many tonight and now I think I won’t pick up another for years. 😦

    We are just a few miles away from the reservation. It is a real trip seeing where my grandpa grew up as a little boy. I feel so nostalgic that i started writing, then I thought of you and decided to check on ya.

    How are the babies? Frankie? My little princess? Tell her we are going to the Mall Of America where the mall is so huge they have a fair inside with lego land and rides. I really want us to do a family vacation!!! Promise me we will!!!


  2. messymama says:

    Aw, this makes me miss you you gorgeous thing!!

    I haven’t gone to the doc yet. I started having serious panic attacks again and almost ended up in the ER from horrible chest pains that felt like a heart attack, so I haven’t really been leaving the house. The past two days have been a lot better though so I’m getting ready to make the appointment.

    I don’t blame you for taking your hot date out! You guys are so stinkin cute, it’s disgusting, honestly. Congrats on the win and the fun!

    Frankie is a nervous wreck but is handling it okay. Gracie is a monster, she and I are fighting every day over school work because she doesn’t get a summer vacation but wants to sleep til noon and not do school work…of course. I have been winning though so it’s all good.

    The garden is huge, the house is clean, the dog isn’t dead…so everything’s pretty much the same as it usually is around here.

    I will tell her about the mall, maybe we will google it and see what it looks like.

    I can’t wait to read what you’ve been writing!

    Love you and see you this weekend if you’re still coming over!

  3. srkenney says:

    I cant believe I never saw this, so I didnt respond. I am supposed to get e-mail updates when people comment back. I hate how stressful life can get. You hang in there!!!! We need a girls night out. Man, I have some stories to tell you, whew! xoxo

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