Art Journaling

This is a concept that’s fairly new to me, yet something I’ve done all my life, I just didn’t know it had a name. This is what inspired the Little Golden Book’s New Look post here (I would go get the link to that post and use it here, but right this second I’m way too exhausted to do anymore than the bare basics of this post. I’ll try to remember to fix it later.)

I’ve mentioned this site before, but it belongs in this category no matter what:
Daydreaming on paper

This site explains art journaling and its benefits. It’s not very jazzy to look at, but it is really good reading. Let me say first though that I haven’t explored a whole lot of this site, so I don’t know what else is there, I just found a great page about art journals.

No list of sites is complete without an Instructable:

Photojojo always has the most awesome ideas and instructions, I love this site. This is a post about how to make a photo journal. But honestly, if you get the time, you should take a long look around this site, if you have any interest in digital photography. I spend lots and lots of time here. It’s great.

This forum post truly triggered my desire to start being more serious about my art journaling. Her covers are amazing. They make me want to make a whole new notebook, but I’m still trying to fill one up all the way before starting a new one, so instead I go drool over her creativity and brilliant ideas.
Primahybrid forum

This one isn’t precisely about art journaling, but it is about altered art, and does have lots of links to cool stuff, as well as an article on how to alter a regular composition notebook.
Altered Art Craft Ideas

Here’s an entire Flickr group devoted to posting their art journal pages. These are pretty brave souls, with some gorgeous work to show off.
Flickr drawing journal

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my crazy youtube fascination on this blog, but there it is, the truth is out. There are tons of art journal videos, just do a search if you’re interested. Here’s the one I picked:

And the last one I’ll post is this one, which explains how to create and keep an art journal. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time investigating it but it looks interesting.


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