Just a quick question here

Does anyone (well, either of you who read this blog, lol) have any great and easy and preferrably cheap and spectacular baby shower gifts they like to make?

And if you do, can you tell me about them so I can make them too? I’ll totally give you credit.

It’s just that I find myself in a bit of a bind. As I usually do, over extended myself. I went ahead and agreed to host a baby shower here at my new house in six weeks. I’m glad to do it – glad for the chance to show off the new place, glad to have my entire family (all five hundred of us) here for the afternoon, especially glad to be such a big part of the pregnancy of my third little sister’s first (and miraculous) baby. It’s just that…well, we just moved. We haven’t been here two full months yet. And although it is probably just laziness on my part, I’ve been so busy doing everything else that has to be done that I haven’t hung up so much as one picture on my walls. Anywhere. In fact, I can count the amount of things hanging up in this entire house right now: Gracie’s new clock in her room, my apple clock in the kitchen, two bulletin boards I made this past week, and a quilt top waiting to be finishing in my sewing room. No decorative pictures anywhere, let alone ones of family and cherished memories and friends…

And here’s the worst part of the confession: I own maybe ten pictures of my family. This includes my husband, the kid and I, as well as all of my sisters and family. 10. That’s barely enough to make a dent in one of these massive walls. See, our whole married life, we lived with house mates and didn’t have room to actually hang up personal pictures. Since one of the house mates was my wonderful mother in law, all of the family portraits that we took were given to her, since they were her walls and I didn’t have a place to put 8×10’s, let alone the bigger ones. So while her house is completely decked out in family photos I have none. Not that I mind so much. Too many pictures is too much clutter. But the thing is, my house doesn’t feel decorated, cohesive, cute…none of that.

So the next six weeks is going to be a mad dash to keep up on the housework, get the carpets shampooed, decorate the walls as cheaply and easily as I can, not to mention keeping up with the kid’s school work, her extra curricular activities, and the things I have to do every day. See why I’m asking about cheap and easy and fast gift ideas?

And have I mentioned we’re broke? We just went over our bank statement. In the last two months we’ve paid our bank…get this…$675 in overdraft fees!! It’s our fault entirely. I’m in no way shirking responsibilities here, I’m just saying. We thought the move was just costing a lot and the hubby kept saying it was me spending money and I of course knew it was him. Neither of us thought to sit down and actually check to see where the cash was flowing to, until I happened to take a peek at the online bank account system and realized something was really wrong. Now we’re on top of it and taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but in the meantime, rent’s a week late, the cupboards are getting kind of bare, and I have no cash to go around buying all the wonderful baby gifts I’d love to be able to afford.

Oh yeah, I’m looking for a job if anyone’s wondering or has any great ideas on that subject.

So this hasn’t exactly been a quick question, has it? lol. I’ll stop whining now.

If you have any great ideas, please feel free to share them here in my comments. Include a link to your blog and I’ll add you to my blogroll. I’d offer to give a present to who ever presents the idea I end up using, but there’s issues with that. 1, what if no one comments, and 2, what if I’m way too stressed and frazzled to actually make and send the present?

Can you tell I’m not wanting to go to sleep? lol…
Okay, night all, and think creative thoughts for me!


About messymama
I'm a SAHM with a busy schedule and a love of too many things to count! I sew, I write, I draw, and I love to create. I'm always on the lookout for a new project idea. One other very important thing about me - my house is in a continual state of upheaval and mess. Slowly but surely I'm working through the piles and boxes, but I am still in the process, and some days it seems like it would be much easier to pack up and move!

One Response to Just a quick question here

  1. K says:

    Hi…I just found your blog from Lola’s paci bag tutorial. I love to make diaper cakes for baby shower gifts. They are not ALWAYS cheap, but you can make them to a size that would fit your budget. I linked to one of the many that I have made here….but I can send you pics/instructions if you need them. It takes a little bit of time, but you could make a medium one with not too much effort. 🙂
    Good luck.

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